The Best Lunchtime Skin Tightening Treatment


Imagine a professional level skin care treatment that takes less than an hour (so quick in fact that you can actually save yourself some time by scheduling lunchtime treatments), gives your face a gorgeous radiant glow together with an instant lift effect, and that also provides continuing and long lasting improvements even 3 months after treatments. Now, imagine that this treatment is also completely safe (the system has cutting edge security sensors built in for next level safety measures for your peace of mind), very comfortable (especially the facial treatments, like a warm massage), and with minimal to no downtime – sounds a bit too good to be true, doesn't it? But SkinLIFT radio frequency facial treatments at Trimmings Salon & Spa offers all that, and so much more.

SkinLIFT's radio frequency (RF) tightening and contouring treatments work by heating up the dermis level of your skin to 52ºC, which is important because the dermis level is where your skin's collagen and elastin fibers are located. Heating the dermis to 52ºC actually jump-starts your skin's natural collagen production capabilities – the heat caused by the SkinLIFT RF energy delivered to the dermis causes your dermis to think that it has been injured, so it produces more collagen to repair the perceived damage. This natural process creates new and healthy collagen and elastin, which in turn lifts and tightens the skin. What's great about this is it gives you an instant lift and noticeably tighter skin even after 1 treatment.

Because of the unique RF delivery system of innovative SkinLIFT technology, and the special geometry and multiple RF generators that are an integral part of each treatment handpiece, for a radio frequency treatment the energy intensity is very comfortable. SkinLIFT is able to deliver its RF energy directly to the dermis layer, while keeping the upper epidermis skin layer cool. In fact, no cooling is required for any SkinLIFT treatment! You get an instant lift and glow right after your first treatment, but for best results (and of course, according to your personal skin type and aesthetic treatment you desire) our skin care professional may suggest that you do a course of six to eight treatments (depending on your individual skin concerns) in order to see amazing long-lasting results.