REVIEW Trimmings Tudor Court for balayage colour treatment


Trimmings has become my go-to pampering spot for all things beauty – hair, nails, massages, and facials. My highlights from months ago were growing out and it was high time for a visit to these hairdressers in Singapore.

Hair artist Benson from Trimmings Tudor Court has done an excellent job with my hair before, so I knew I was in good hands. We decided on a natural, sun-kissed balayage look to suit my dark brown locks. I settled into my seat and sipped on my green tea while Benson started to work on the highlights. It's a tedious hour-long process of hand-painting bleach into sectioned streaks of hair. Olaplex treatment is mixed into the dye, which helps to condition the hair and combat potential damage caused by the harsh bleaching process.

After three hours of waiting and washing, plus an indulgent scalp massage, blowdry and style, my new hair emerges brighter and refreshed. I'm in love with it! The brown and blonde highlights blend in seamlessly with my natural hair; this means I won't have to return for a touch-up until much later. This low maintenance hairstyle looks even more amazing when it's styled wavy. I'll definitely try recreating the curls for a special night out!

– Anthia Chng