Open your eyes to all the possibilities with EyeLIFT, non surgical skin lift

The clock is always ticking but the skin around our eyes is one of the first areas to show signs of aging as laughter lines, crow's feet, dark circles and drooping eyelids start to appear. These can seem worse in the morning, especially due to lack of sleep or stress. Little wonder then, that, according to ASDS, 70% of consumers have concerns about lines and wrinkles in this area … an area that is one of the thinnest and most sensitive areas of your body.

So, what are the options for treating this delicate periorbital area? Yes, a surgical eyelift – blepharoplasty surgery – can reshape the eyelids and reduce fine lines, wrinkles and puffiness but, for those brave enough to go under the knife and be able to afford it, there are consequences to consider. Cosmetic eye surgery might result in scars with possible side effects including swelling and bruising around the eyes that can take weeks to settle down. Clients also need to take up to two weeks off work post-surgery.

Fortunately, there is a simple and safe alternative: the EyeLIFTwith RF technology. The EyeLIFT non-surgical eyelift offers superior results in reducing under-eye bags, smoothing and tightening skin, and lifting the upper eyelid for a more open eye. It combines radiofrequency and fractional radiofrequency to stimulate collagen production. Radiofrequency delivers energy to the skin to stimulate natural wound healing and collagen production for an instant lift, while microneedle dermal remodeling with fractional radiofrequency is used to resurface skin.

EyeLIFT RF technology ensures that dermal heating is volumetric, focused and homogeneous for a minimally invasive treatment without side-effects – or downtime. There is no need "to do that period of social isolation that is usually required with a traditional blepharoplasty,

The key thing about the EyeLIFT treatment protocol is being able to tighten the elasticity of skin of any color with virtually no downtime or risk. A course of treatment gives undeniable results that last years.