Detox Body Massage


Trimmings will be introducing Detox Body Massage in January 2021. Look out for your promotion!

What is Detox Massage?

A common mentality during the spring months is cleansing and starting anew, whether it be in your home or your body. If you have decided to "spring clean" your body and mind, a detox massage might be perfect for you. As the name states, a detox massage is designed to help rid the body of toxins and promote an overall physical and mental well-being.

A detox massage is a form of deep tissue massage therapy that focuses on the body's muscle tissues, lymphatic system, and mental stimulation. Daily life brings toxins from all angles - artificial additives, pesticides, junk food, and other environmental or recreational toxins that clog the body and prevent a healthy, happy body and mind. With detox massage, the key areas for waste removal are stimulated, making it easier for the body to release toxins.

Detox massage techniques help strengthen and relax your muscles; alternating pressures on muscles help to strengthen, stimulate, and ultimately release tension and toxins that have built up.

Detox massage, like all massage, helps improve circulation throughout the body. Better circulation means more oxygen, nutrients, and energy for the entire body!

The lymphatic system is highly responsible for most of the body's natural detoxification. The lymph system depends on strong muscles, efficient breathing, and exercise to push toxins and wastes through and out of the body. A detox massage helps stimulate the lymphatic system, making it easier for the body to release wastes and avoid toxin build-up that would result in lethargy or illness.

When it comes to your mind, a detox massage can help relieve stress and exhaustion. It is easy to neglect self-care, and your mind suffers for it! Detox massage is a great way to take care of an overworked mind and give yourself a boost of fresh energy.

Take note from the change in seasons - renew your body, rejuvenate your mind. Now is the time to try detox massage.