Best Facials in Singapore: Our Reviews!


Erase & Raise Anti-Aging Facial (75 minutes, $188)

Where: Trimmings

"Trimmings is a little slice of heaven burrowed into a rich, green corner of Dempsey Hill. I was super chilled before I even set foot inside, which set the tone perfectly for my maiden voyage here.

I'm a total facial rookie, so it's safe to say that I was pretty pumped. The uber friendly and super knowledgeable Elaine met me at reception and took me to the treatment room. She was thorough in asking me questions about my daily skincare routine (non-existent) and the kinds of products that I use (whatever the nearest soap is handy in my shower).

She delicately and kindly recommended a 75-minute facial consisting of a fruit peel followed by a rose and chamomile soothing facial to calm my redderthan-red Aussie hide. Then followed a full hour of sheer bliss. I had layers of different product applied to my face and I was informed along the way about exactly what she was doing and what was happening, which I appreciated.

When Elaine the Amazing was done with me, I felt like a million bucks and it showed. My skin was noticeably less 'rouged', and it appeared a lot smoother and more even in tone. In short, Elaine is a sorceress and Trimmings has converted this soap-and-water skincare bum into someone who might now give a fig when it comes to facials!"

- Kate Marsden

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