Tonus B12 (150ml)

A unique firming body tonic formulated within a nourishing base of sesame, avocado, jojoba and jasmine oils. High concentrations of vitamin B12 and green tea provide an additional energy boost to the patented oxygen formula, while aiding the body's natural metabolic function to break down fatty deposits, increase nutrient absorption and tone the skin. Its potent cocktail of vitamin B12 and organic green tea synergistically supports Silhouette to diminish existing cellulite and inhibits its formation.


• Improves skin texture
• Tightens and smoothes the skin surface
• Reduces water retention in heavy, tired legs
• Anti-fatigue properties enhance the skin's natural tone and firmness
• Lipolytic qualities which helps to melt and remove unwanted fatty deposits


Apply liberally and massage into the skin using deep sweeping motions.. Use once or twice a day.

For optimal results, use after Silhouette

89.25 SGD 105.00 SGD