Use this shampoo for REPAIR & STRENGTHENING of hair.

[Good for coloured hair | normal to slightly damaged hair + Feelng of lightness]

Good for normal to slightly damaged hair caused by sun & hair chemical treatment

Hypoallergenic amino acid shampoo using taurine ( cleansing component). Excellent lathering without any sense of roughness and it washes the hair and scalp gently. In conjunction with TOKIO IE PLATINUM TREATMENT, the reactive keratin penetrates inside the hair and combined with the effects of the interlocking INKARAMI, stimulates the repair of damaged hair.

Difference between Platinum & Premium Range (Tip: Premium Series for more moisturising than Platinum Range. If you have damaged hair due to chemical services like hair bleach & perms, please choose Premium Range)

83.30 SGD 98.00 SGD
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