Hair oil/serum : easily absorb, light weight. 



The «y-docosalactone» lactone, a plant-based (colza) ingredient, in this treatment repairs hair when exposed to heat from a blow-dryer or iron. It is a new, high-tecnology molecule that aids in the renewal of cuticles, waving, intermingling of fibres and repairs split-ends while improving elasticity and reducing hair-breakage. Not only are the effects immediate, but lasts even after washing with shampoo.

*Apply oil to wet hair and dry for enhanced effect.


Moringa Oil

Protects hair from ultraviolet rays because of Moringa oil: Moringa Oleifera seed oil. This is a tree that is said to be rotproof, even after several years. It contains count- less antioxidant substances that we use to create a rare and exceptional oil that protects cuticles from ultra-violet rays.

Fullerenes (Nobel Prize winning molecules)

These molecules have 175 times the antioxidant capabilities of vitamin C. They also won a Nobel Prize in 1996 and are world-famous. The active oxygen in the fullerene protects against the degeneration of cuticles and keeps hair in good condition by stopping pigmentation and vital nutrient loss.

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