TOKIO Head Spa Treatment


Purpose : SCALP including PH balance & nourish scalp

This product is not heavy. It nourishes the scalp, balance PH.

Especially good for: Sensitive scalp, oily, combination scalp, hairloss

++ you can use Premium/Platimum Shampoo. & Choose this Treatment/Conditioner if you have scalp issues. Leave this treatment on for 1 or 2 mins. It will not cause oilness and flatness.

*Treatment conditioner can be applied on scalp. Scalp do not feel oily .

Good for clients who have scalp issues like dandruff, sensitive, hair loss.. Balance the scalp. Does not cause scalp oiliness,

Focus is on scalp care , and at the same time, makes your hair manageable. Good for normal to damaged hair

The newly launched :


brings together the world's leading TOKIO INKARAMI SALON SYSTEM,

which provides a unique "dual care" of both scalp and hair at the same time.

We focus on the fact that the common deterioration condition is

"Dryness"- dryness of scalp and dryness of hair.

Dryness leads to an unrelenting downward spiral effect in damage, and

We have clarified that "super moisturizing" is the key to an improvement in condition.


is able to establish an improvement in both the scalp and hair condition at the same time,

and provide a higher quality finish. This is achieved by combining the highest grade of "Moisturizing" technology together with the patented technology INKARAMI.

In the "dual care" treatment, customer's problems and worries are eliminated.

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Starting at 49.30 SGD