Silhouette 150ml

The high level of active oxygen (4%) effectively penetrates the skin to disperse irregular fatty deposits and accumulated toxins, increases circulation and improves the skin's natural repair and regenerating functions. When applied to targeted areas e.g. hips, thighs, buttocks or stomach, the resulting energy rush helps to break down fatty deposits while stimulating the lymphatic system to efficiently remove them. Increased blood flow allows for more efficient nutrient absorption, promoting healthy vibrant skin while increasing hydration levels.

When combined with an appropriate diet and exercise routine, results can be evident in just two weeks.


• A light emulsion provides intense, long lasting hydration
• Helps detoxify and renew by forcing oxygen deep into the skin to disperse toxins and fatty deposits
• Creates a smoother, more even surface
• Increases cellular metabolism to firm and tone the skin


Apply a thin layer, with a brush, to localized areas of cellulite or fat deposits. Allow to absorb for 5-10 minutes; do not massage into the skin. A slight tingling effect may be felt upon application, which is normal. Use once or twice a day.

For optimal results follow with Tonus B12.

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