PROFESSIONAL CLEANSING | Cleansing Gel and Make-Up Remover 50ml

This creamy-textured gel gently removes make-up from the eyes and face and deeply cleanses the skin. Completely suitable for use with sensitive skin types, it is composed of severals oils which allow to remove impurities and make-up without irritating. Ideal for preparing the skin before using an active oxygen skin cream.

• Gently cleanses, without the use of harsh detergents
• Highly effective even for waterproof makeup
• Effectively removes dirt, sebum and makeup from the pores
• So gentle that it is suitable even for the most sensitive eyes
• Restores the skins optimal pH balance, priming it for the subsequent
application of oxygen products.
• Leaves the skin feeling hydrated, soft and supple• Contains no preservatives


Take a very small amount of cleanser, warm it between your fingertips, and add water to fingertips before applying to the face and neck, then massage gently with circular movements, adding additional water to emulsify. Rinse thoroughly with the silk towel until all traces of cleanser have been removed

75.00 SGD