Oxygen Body 1% (150ml)

This dual action body moisturizer contains 1% active oxygen and mild fruit acids to effectively remove dull skin cells while hydrating, softening and toning the skin. Enhanced with natural fruit oils, this body moisturizer is mildly antiseptic, helping to combat bacteria below the surface of the skin and reducing breakouts.


• Hydrates and stimulates skin
• Leaves it smooth and soft with long lasting hydration • Helps protect against bacteria
• Helps to prevent breakouts and blemishes on the skin • Paraben and preservative free


Can be used either before or after a shower/bath. Apply, with a brush, a thin layer to the body without massaging. Allow to penetrate fully or, if preferred, remove after 5 minutes by taking a shower or wiping the product off. Use daily.

89.25 SGD 105.00 SGD