Hand & Nail 50ml

This delightful, skin-repair cream leaves your hands soft, well hydrated, repaired and with more resistant skin...

A potent anti-aging treatment for hands and nails with 2% active oxygen combined with multi-vitamins, lipids and essential fatty acids. This active repair cream diminishes age spots and photo damage while strengthening the skin tissue, leaving the hands smooth, soft and more resistant to environmental aggressions.

This unique formulation improves nail strength, overall health and appearance by accelerating cell regeneration, reducing discoloration and providing protection against infection.


• Hydrates and nourishes the skin • Anti-aging properties
• Diminishes age spots
• Antiseptic properties

• Leaves the skin feeling soft and supple • Paraben and preservative free


Apply a small amount to clean hands and massage into the skin. Leave a little excess product on nail beds and let it penetrate. Use once a day, or as needed. Oxygen will leave the skin sanitized for up to three hours after application, even if hands come in contact with water.

63.75 SGD 75.00 SGD