Essential Mask - 50ml

Guaranteed "radiance boost" with this mask! 2% oxygen combined with vitamin A and trace elements give this mask a "radiance boost" effect that tones tired skin, redefines the facial contours and effectively combats skin problems...

The perfect booster to your skincare program which guarantees optimum results and leaves the skin feeling soft, clean and energized in minutes. This synergy of Dr. Herzog's patented O2/ Vitamin A research will tone and firm the skin for an immediate lifting effect, reducing visible signs of fatigue.


•Nourishes the skin and restores hydration, leaving the complexion soft and radiant
• Minimizes breakouts and controls future blemishes on problem skin

• Lessens hyper-pigmentation for a brightening effect
• Instant visible results, great for special events and after air travel
• Paraben and preservative free


Apply liberally to a clean, dry face and neck. Leave on for 10 minutes, rinse off with the silk towel. For very dry skin, leave the mask on to absorb into the skin and simply massage in the excess without rinsing. Use one to three times a week.

112.00 SGD