Egyptian Earth Beautifying Powder - 40ml

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Available in 4 skin tones:

Egyptian Earth by Karin Herzog is a discreet, natural make-up providing an optimised alternative to all types of foundation

A totally natural alternative to make-up, and by far kinder to the skin than any foundation around. Egyptian Earth is discreet make-up, giving a warm glow to the complexion.

Exists in 4 colors :

Hator : Dark skins
Isis : Normal skins
Magic Fair : Light Skins
Magic Moonlight : Very light skins | Whitening effect


• Controls shine
• Allows the skin to breathe
• Does not allow bacteria to bread underneath your make-up • Does not clog the pores
• Gives a brightness and healthy glow to the skin
• Lasts all day
• Natural earth product without preservatives


Apply all over face and neck, with a large powder brush.

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